One of the most immediately noticeable aspects of website design is color. Coming up with a color scheme that is not only visually pleasing but also aptly represents the content and character of a website is, frankly, one of my favorite parts of designing a website. The smallest change in a shade can result in a completely different visual tone, changing a background color from abrasive to calming, or from blah to eye-catching.

Consider the two website snapshots below:

snapshot 2

snapshot 1

The first snapshot is my original color scheme for a new wedding and event planning company called Simply Smashing weddings & events. Perhaps because of the Britishism in their name, I visualized a traditional, classy theme based in golds and silvers. Perhaps also because I personally prefer neutral colors for backgrounds, I chose the champagne color as the focal color.

The clients were initially pleased with the website, but after a few days, they realized the color scheme wasn’t what they had envisioned for their website. “We want the purple and green to be the focal colors!”, they said. And, though slightly hesitant in the beginning, I agreed to give it a try. The new color scheme gave their website a completely different visual tone. The end result was a website with a very contemporary, modern flair, that more accurately represents the character of this new company than the first gold and silver color scheme.